Power and Peace 

on and off the mat

Are most of your days stressful? Do you sit the whole day in front of a computer? Take a break! Breathe in... And out... And then jump on your mat and practice yoga with me! With the right Yoga asanas (exercises) you can get back to your (in & out) balance . 

Why power and peace? Because you need to see life as a whole. Black & white. Yin & Yang. Power & Peace.

Use your power to find your inner peace. 

See you on the mat! Namasté.

Something about me 

Who am I? How did I come up with getUP yoga? Everything and everyone have his history. In this section you will learn a bit more about myself and my project. 

Let's do yoga together

Hey you! Yes, you. Welcome to getUP yoga, how are you? 
 Did you notice that in the last few years our days became quicker and more stressful? Sometimes, even the smaller things take ages to be done. Do you know this feeling? 

 Yoga shouldn't be one of these things! Click on one of the links below to either book a class or contact me. Enroll your mat, and jump on it. Close your eyes and breath in... and out... 

No queues, no stress. Just a click.

See you on the mat! Namasté.

Behind every great project, is a true story. Who am I? Why did I build my project? My journey has been anything but ordinary.