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Hey you! Yes, you. Welcome to getUP yoga, how are you? 
 Did you notice that in the last few years our days became quicker and more stressful? Sometimes, even the smaller things take ages to be done. Do you know this feeling? 

 Yoga shouldn't be one of these things! Click on one of the links below to either book a class or contact me. Enroll your mat, and jump on it. Close your eyes and breathe in... and out...

No queues, no stress. Just a click.

See you on the mat! Namasté.

Find your inner peace through your power. 

What kind of yoga do I offer?*

Power Yoga

We all have a passion. This is mine! Get up from your couch and step on your mat with me for a thoughtful (for every level!) class. All you need is a mat and good mood, and if you don't have it, we can work together on it ;) 

Prenatal Yoga

For all Mummy-to-be who wants to stay active and reconnect with their roots during pregnancy.

Postnatal Yoga

Birth is something magical and special. After giving birth to one (or more) children, your body needs some time to re-build itself. Support his journey with yoga!


Meditation is a simple method to influence the activity of the brain in the long term. Find back your focus in life through meditation. 

Yoga for children

Children's yoga is all about fun, relaxation and imagination. The sporting aspect is not at the forefront. The asanas are therefore practiced playfully, often using animals, and integrated into stories or children's songs.

*All classes can be offered in German, Italian or English, in person or on zoom (or similar)